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Which Style Suits You

When it comes to putting together outfits, there are an infinite amount of ways to style clothes. The choices you make on what you like and don’t like is a reflection of your personality. As we grow and change through life, so doesn’t our style. To those who don’t know you, your style is a representation of who you are as a person. There are many different styles and looks out there in the world. We will touch on the top styles in the fashion world today. Hopefully you see yourself as we go through and describe each style to you.

The first style on our list is the “minimalist“. A minimalist is very simple and basic. Where simplicity is what makes this style look great. An easy way to be stylist without spending money on a lot of expensive brands. Someone who wears non-branded clothing and usually grabs their clothes at H&M or Forever 21. Looking to be comfortable, affordable, and stylish all into one. The color palette of a minimalist is usually muted such as earth tones, white, and black. This style is fast to prepare and very consistent.

Next, the skater style. One of the most popular styles you’ll see on younger people. Cool, stylish, and inspires a ton of different looks depending on your fashion taste. You’ll see most of these people shop at places like Pac Sun, Tilly’s, and Zumiez. Thrasher, Vans, and Odd Future are the top brands for a skater look. Skate culture is very strong with a ton of pro skater influencers that inspire different looks and styles. This style has a big variety of different clothing options to choose from.

One of the top styles you see nowadays is the “vintage” look. Finding the coolest throwback clothing is what makes this style so unique. Bringing back the 80’s & 90’s style into today’s world. These people live for good deals at thrift stores, Marshalls, and Ebay. Band tees, throwback Tommy Hilfiger, NBA starter jackets, dad jeans, Nike cortez or Vans define the vintage style. Also, can’t forget about all the different varieties of tie-dye clothing.

Now, the “influencer“. Mainly people with status like athletes, artists, and actors rock this look. Someone who is dressed head to toe in designer brands like Burberry, LV, Gucci, Balenciaga, etc. Always wants to make a statement with their fashion sense but in the simplest way possible. For example, a simple designer t-shirt, designer jeans, some chains around the neck and a pair of off-white jordans. Simple but expensive. Someone who wants to stand out amongst others for their taste in high fashion.

The “hypebeast”. If you are a sneakerhead or are involved in sneaker culture, you have definitely heard this term before. Someone who dresses to impress others with expensive clothing such as Bape, Supreme, all designer brands, and expensive sneakers. A hypebeast usually doesn’t buy what they like, they buy what‘s popular to fit in. There‘s nothing wrong with wearing those brands if you like and enjoy your clothing. Most hypebeasts have a hard time wearing the clothes they buy because most of the time, they can’t afford expensive brands in the first place. Don‘t fall into the hypebeast trap, never dress to impress.

Last but not least, the “sneakerhead“. Putting all your money into one category of your style. Sneakerheads are usually simple with the rest of their outfits. Almost like a minimalist because all their money went into the sneakers on their feet. Sometimes an occasional sports jersey will be worn to match a certain pair of kicks. Most sneakerheads are also big sports fans. The great thing about being a sneakerhead is that their passionate and found something that makes them feel good. Side note, do not become a sneakerhead who doesn‘t wear their shoes. Buy sneakers to wear, don‘t buy them to impress! You’ll fall right into being a hypebeast so buy what you like and wear what you like.

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