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How To Get Sneakers For Retail

When it comes to buying sneakers, the biggest question everyone has is “how did I get sneakers for retail?!“ As the demand grows more and more for almost every release, the harder it is to get your hands the sneakers you anticipated the most. This can be frustrating and nobody wants to overpay (resell) for the sneakers they want even though most of us have fallen victim to those resell prices. After being in the sneaker game for quite some time now, I have gained some tips on how to get sneakers for retail. Whether it’s a general release or a limited release; this easy to use guide will help you have the best chances at getting the hottest sneaker releases for retail. Let’s get into it!

Tip #1: Network with others who share the same love for sneakers as you do!

This is the most important tip because it’s all about who you know! The more people you know and build relationships with, the better! Get connected in the sneaker community through Facebook groups, Instagram, local store owners, sneaker events, etc. Personally, I’ve built most of my relationships within the sneaker community on Facebook groups specifically for sneakers, local sneaker events, and having conversations with local store owners and managers. Be friendly and help each other out! You never know when someone might have the plug on a certain release and since you have already built that connection, you’ll get the hookup. Side note, don’t be selfish! If you have the connection to help out one of your friends get a release they really anticipated, help them out too! Everything comes full circle!

Tip #2: Educate yourself on upcoming releases

To have the best chance at getting the sneakers you want, you have to know where to go, where the sneakers are releasing, how many pairs are being made, and the retail price. The best way to find all this information is through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and sneaker blogs. Sneaker blogs like Sneaker News and Kicks On Fire usually have the inside scoop on upcoming releases. They have an inside look on what releases will look like and the best places to buy on release day. Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are very helpful as well. You can follow brands and shops on Instagram like Nike, Adidas, and Jordan to get an accurate date and location on where the sneakers are releasing. Twitter is a great platform to follow accounts like sneakerfiles, sneaker shouts, solelinks, and J23 to have quick links for release info and websites to buy online. There are a lot of sneaker heads on YouTube who review releases early and give there professional opinions on certain releases. To get a great look at an upcoming release, I’d use YouTube. All you’d need to do is search the release and multiple videos will populate.

Tip #3: Know where your best chances are at buying for retail

Now that you have all the information you need, how do I find out where I have the best chance of getting a release for retail? All stores and websites are very different when it comes to the quantity or the amount of pairs they will get on release day. Each store and website have their own way of distributing pairs on release day. Whether that be an online raffle, in-store raffle, FCFS (First Come, First Serve), online only, or a social media raffle. Since every release is different, you want to check local stores and websites to know the process on how to get your pair. The most common process for sneaker releases are raffles either in store or online. But, how do I know how many pairs each store or website will have? That will be based on the type of release. General releases will produce more pairs globally where limited releases only get distributed to certain locations and websites. Calling your local stores is the best way to gauge your chances. Asking if they are getting a specific release and how many pairs will be available in your size. If a store isn’t getting the release you are asking about, ask where you can go or who to contact. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. For Nike’s and Jordan’s, SNKRS App is a great platform to use since the main brand website will have the most available pairs. Going to the main brand website for any release to buy online, will give you the highest chance at getting your pair for retail. Other outlets might have the sneakers available on their website or at their store as well, that’s why you need to educate yourself on how many platforms and stores will be getting a specific release.

Tip #4: Get as much help as you can!

Increase your odds by having those around you help enter raffles, download apps, and even go to the store on release day. The more people helping, the greater your chances are at getting your pair for retail. Now, I know everyone is busy and isn’t as consumed by sneakers as we are but raffles are usually free to enter so why not have friends or family enter the raffle to increase your chances!

Getting sneakers for retail can be challenging but I hope these tips will help you just as much as they have helped others. For all updates on upcoming releases, check us out on Instagram @lacelifesociety.

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