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Best outfit color combinations

Wearing the same colors over and over again can get old fast. Adding variety to your wardrobe can be stressful not knowing what colors or styles look best together. Summer is here, people are out, and it’s time to wear all those clothes you bought over quarantine. So let’s get into it!

Quick tips on how to color block your outfits

  1. Style your outfit with different shades of the same color. Some examples would be blues (light blue, royal blue, and navy) or reds (pale red, red, and maroon).

  2. Choose colors that are in the same group. Colors that fall next to each other on the color wheel or a good example is looking at a rainbow. Red, orange, & yellow are next to one another and would be consider in the same group. Same goes for green, blue, and purple.

  3. Choose colors that contrast well together. Colors that are polar opposites work best. For example; red & green, blue & orange, or purple & yellow.

  4. As far as the different shades of colors go, a good rule to go by is dark shades match best with darker colors and vice versa with lighter colors. A light colored shirt with dark pants can be too much contrast and throw off the outfit.

Here are the best color combinations for your outfits

  • White goes with EVERYTHING! Blue, red, and black goes best with white.

  • Black is the most universal color there is. Red, white, pink, orange, green and yellow goes best with black.

  • Grey goes with red, pink, blue, and olive.

  • Tan or Khaki goes with olive, blue, brown, red, and white.

  • Brown goes with cream (off-white), olive, pink, green, and tan.

  • Olive goes with orange, tan, brown, and earth tones.

  • Purple goes with orange, pink, light purple, grey, green, yellow, and white.

  • Pink goes with brown, white, light green, olive, grey, and light blue.

  • Red goes with yellow, white, green, blue, and black.

  • Blue goes with white, red, grey, orange, yellow, and brown.

  • Orange goes with blue, light purple, white, and black.

  • Yellow goes with blue, light purple, grey, and black.

  • Green goes with orange, light green, yellow, brown, grey, cream, and black.

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